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Stockbridge Flooring Company of Edinburgh has over 30 years of experience in floor sanding. We are the flooring specialists when it comes to renovating floors in Edinburgh and the Lothians. As well as laying new floors, we can also restore old floors to reveal and restore their original beauty and warmth. Our experienced floor sanders use the latest equipment to provide you with the highest quality of workmanship.

As specialists, we at Stockbridge Flooring insist on using the best sanding equipment. We use dust-free sanders which are top range sanding machines. The term ‘dust free’ is slightly misleading as dust produced from sanding is inevitable. However, our latest models mean that wood dust is collected more reliably and alongside frequent vacuuming, dust is kept to a minimum. We operate the latest precision belt sanding machines to leave a perfectly smooth finish to your floor.

Parquet floor sanding is also a speciality of ours. We will use our expertise and our professional sanding equipment to revive and recreate the beauty of your herringbone, mosaic or basket-weave floor.

Many people will attempt to sand floors themselves because they assume it is the cheaper option. With little sanding experience, it is possible you will be left with a floor that you are disappointed with. By using Stockbridge Flooring, you can rest assured that we will leave you with an impeccably smooth and professional finish.

There are several stages to sanding your floor. Firstly, we will sand the area with a coarse-grade paper in order to remove any old finishes and to smooth any dents and level the floors. We then sand with a medium grade paper to prepare the surface. To complete the process, we use a fine textured sand paper to achieve a perfectly smooth surface.

Applying varnish also requires skill and at Stockbridge Flooring we put in the time and effort that is needed to provide a superb finish to the floors we work on. Choosing wood stain and varnish for your floor can be a difficult decision but we can talk you through the wide range available and help you decide upon the best finish for different wood types.

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